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LED Street, Park, or Security Lighting

Use clean wind & solar energy for outdoor LED lights

LED street, park, & security/flood lights offer major energy savings and lower running costs.  Wind & solar power give even more scope to reduce, eliminate, or even generate energy for sale back into the grid.  System lifespans of 30+ years are possible for a well built system.

Light urban or rural highways, roads, byways, intersections, walkways, paths, trails, parks & public gathering spaces.


Multiple Power System Configurations

Power systems must be custom designed based on wind & solar resources in local environment, LED operational requirements, and desired method of configurations.
  • Stand-alone: light towers operate autonomously & independently.  Can be a temporary or permanent installation
  • Cluster: connect multiple light towers to a central energy storage & control system.  Can be grid connected.
  • Daisy-Chain: connect multiple light towers to create a linear distributed micro-grid.  Can be grid connected.

Our engineering team can help you to design a customised power system. 




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WS-030 - Netherland - Road Sign

WS-030 - Netherlands - Power for LED-backed directional sign post.

WS-030 Park light 

WS-030 - United Kingdom - Hybrid power system for park road light.