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Art & Eco-Image

The Wind Art Market is one that takes the Vind Energi C.O. Turbine and uses its elegant form and graceful motion in a functional work of art. Architects and artists the world over have adopted the double helix form of the Vind Energi C.O. with its smooth and mesmeric rotation for use on buildings, in landscape pieces and by companies or local authorities wishing to show their commitment to renewable energy.

Only the authentic Diamonds are of great worth. Glass imitations are worth of the price of glass but the value of a real Diamond is something else. This is the case with Vind Energi C.O. wind turbines. 

You can create an artistic experience by ordering your Vind Energi C.O. turbines in two or several colors. We have designed beaufitul monuments to imitate the Northern Lights, Flames of Fire, Flags of different countries etc. The possibilities are endless.